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From a legacy of a family-owned business to a demonstrated track record of expertise, T4 Construction LLC has thrived on the principles of intelligence, determination, and ethical conduct. These core values, coupled with an unwavering dedication to project success, propel our journey towards becoming a premier building construction company, committed to delivering prosperous outcomes.

Our growth trajectory remains fueled by a combination of organic expansion and strategic acquisitions of highly skilled construction managers, subcontractors, and trade partners. At every level of our organization, we share a common vision, values, and aspirations.

With over two decades of experience constructing infrastructure in California, Nevada, and Arizona, we have established ourselves as a trusted choice for our clients. They rely on us to consistently deliver exceptional results. In our pursuit of excellence, we consider performance not merely a goal, but an absolute necessity. Through unwavering determination, prompt responsiveness, and adaptability, we have honed the ability to successfully undertake projects of any magnitude.  By embracing innovative methodologies and leveraging the use of advanced materials, we continually provide our clients with groundbreaking solutions that save both time and money.

Originally founded as a family business in 1983, we have continuously evolved into a reputable general contractor, guided by principles of trust, accountability, and a can-do attitude. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who possess extensive field experience. We hold integrity at the heart of our client-centric approach, knowing that our clients rely on us to deliver projects with precision—on schedule and within budget. We never falter in fulfilling their expectations.

I previously worked with T4 and outside of providing excellent construction services what impressed me the most was their dedication to serving the community; this includes donating to the UNLV Football Foundation as well as the Helping Us Help Her foundation (located in Texas). In addition, T4 has sponsored a little league baseball team. Love for the community + good quality construction makes for awesome combination. HIGHLY recommended.

Leslie Loren

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